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Theater Group Ek-Drasis

“… each and every one of us is a part of a human, as one separated in two, like the fish sole, and the missing part is the respective one everybody is always looking for.” Plato, 358 b.c. 

Taking the moment of the myth as the starting point and reaching to today’s non-myth, we are based on collected personal moments, we activated body and images, combining in a final narrative line the repeating pattern of Birth-Love-Death.

Ek-Drasis, serves consistently the need to activate the passive spectator and questions the classic borders between the actor and the audience. Ek-Drasis finally presents Omfalos, a performance based on the results of the research on the moment of the circular man’s separation, as well as physical improvisations inspired by his unstoppable need for reunification.

Your participation as an audience in our performance requires an anonymous statement of a personal moment that marked your life.

The performance is happening within the festival theYard.Residency.16.

August 2016
Palio Xidadiko, Limassol


Adaptation and Direction: Elena Socratous, Odysseas Ioannou Konstantinou
Stage Design / Installation: Ioanna Neofytou
Light Design: Vassilis Peteinaris
Movement Director: Melanie Varnavidou
Costums: Lenia Theodwrou
Performers: Melanie Varnavidou, Odysseas Ioannou Konstantinou

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