Ja, aber…


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| Ja, aber… |
| Yes, but… |

How do we talk about disability?
When do we feel uncomfortable?
When do we get angry about it?
How do we respond to the pitying looks, heroization and exoticism of disabled people?

We collected anonymous opinions and questions using our questionnaire – in three different languages – and asked ourselves how these thoughts can become theater with identity, creativity and humor.
Theater as meeting and sharing. As an experiment of coexistence and interaction between people, theatrical methods and accessibility tools.
A process of searching for new forms of narratives and dramaturgies.
A performance by, with and for disabled and non-disabled people.

*Our performance works dramaturgically with integrative components of accessibility and offers Greek and German surtitles as well as elements of audio description.

Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg,
Februar 2023, Berlin


Director: Elena Sokratous
Creative accessibility: Chistos Papamichael
Assistant directors: Stylianos Benetos, Eleni Efthymiou
Photos/Videos: Panagiotis Paschalidis
Narrator: Niki Lambrianidou
Performers: Michail Fotopoulos, Petros Zavrakas


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