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| Fe Ma El |
| φι με ηλ  |

Theater Group  Ek-Drasis

We are tarantula women and seagull women.. Sometimes we lie, sometimes we get angry and do not want you to look at us, and sometimes we remember the time when we were cheerleaders and laugh like children… We have in our lives Romeos but also men that make us stronger… What connects us? The fact that we can express ourselves, in a theatrical and artistic way drinking with you wine or a hot chocolate … We can be part of your company and you can be part of our own… We are waiting for you in cafes and bars in Limassol and Nicosia… We are waiting for you to order our monologue on your table and we will get there with you, to serve the monologue to you .. We will talk about what we have in us, as written by Cocteau, Mpousalidis, Silvert, Chekhov,  Mpost, Williams, Kane, Strindberg.

August 2013
at Cafe and Bars in Limassol and Nicosia


Adaptation and Direction: Elena Sokratous
Marilena Kuriakou, Melanie Varnavidou, Thelma Georgiou, Mideia Xatziksenofontos, Elena Sokratous
Assistant: Loretta Savvidou


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