Oscillations of memory


| Μνήμης Ταλάντωση |

| Oscillations of memory |

An interactive performance at the Kolossi castle in Limassol (district). The public has the opportunity to “invade” the castle of Kolossi in accompaniment with the verses of the innovative poetry by Marios Vourgos and a group of renowned artists, under the guidance of the theatrical director Elena Sokratous.

The medieval castle is transformed into a contemporary stage with live thespian characters and visual installations. Guided by memories, viewers are led on an existential journey of the life cycle, in an oscillation between eternity and futility, history and illusion, possible truths, the inevitable human loneliness. The event is repeated for three hours, and viewers are invited to visit the venue as often and whenever they so desire, in order to become part of the event, to act and interact; to experience and sense the emotions at a deeper level.

The performance is under the auspices of the President of the House of Representatives of Cyprus, Mrs. Demetriou.

Organizers are the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and the Association “One Dream One Wish”.

*The event is streamed live on Black Lemon TV, for accessibility to people with mobility issues.

Media Partners: RIK, Fileleutheros, Black Lemon Tv, Wunderart Productions

September 2021
Kolossi Medieval Castle, Limassol


Poet (Tango29)
Marios Vourgos
Elena Sokratous
Stage Design:
Ioulios Georgiou
George Papadopoulos – Skinotechniki 
Thelma Kasoulidou
Giorgos Kalogirou
Dimitris Spurou
Photos & Video Art
Panagiotis Paschalidis
Light Design: 
Vasilis Petinaris
Ioannis Ionas – Event Pro
Choreography (Poem: “Nirvana”)
Sophia Barka
Creative Content
Panagiotis Paschalidis
Andreas Touloumis – BlackoutVFX
Aggelo Papaggelodimou
Andrea Maurou
Rania Oikonomidou (Sound)
Aelia Paschalidis (Video)
Athena Vourgos
Marian Kyprianou
Sophia Barka
Nayia T. Karacosta
Kleitos Komodikis
Katerina Paisi
Savvina Georgiou
Giorgos Kalogirou
BMW Club Motorrad Riders Cyprus


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