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A cooperation between the Hellenische Gemeinde in Berlin, To Spiti and  ExMe Theater. The project is sponsored by the Assitej, Wege ins Theater, Kultur macht stark and the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.  

A documentary theater performance on the rights of children. From the signing of the convention on 1989 until 2020. The rights of children in Germany and the world as well as the claims of the rights.

October 2020, 
Online Streaming, Berlin


Adaptation and  Direction: Elena Sokratous, Michail Fotopoulos
Stage Design: David Dragoudakis, Matteo Schmidt
Costume: Eleana Schmidt
Music / Choreography: Michail Fotopoulos
Photo: Panagiotis Paschalidis
Performers: Anais Sakka-Camelin, Anastasios Douroumas, Anna-Maria Sidiropoulou, Georgia Frantz, Ifigenia Christou, Jannis Teletzidis, Lucine Sakka-Camelin, Nikos Sirigos
Voices: Agapi Mougkogianni, Dimitra Balatsiou, Katerina Lakki, Nikos Pazartzikis, Panagiota Patzartziki, Panos Augenakis


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