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| Puppe am Meer|
| Doll by the sea |

A relaxed performance for babies from 6 months old. 

A puppet is travelling on the sea in her boat. Excited by the dolphin’s dives, she decides to go on a journey underwater, where she meets the jellyfish and dances with them, learns about the different textures by touching the shells, is fascinated by the swarm of fish, helps the seahorse that got caught on the rocks and, after meeting the “musical octopus”, finally climbs aboard the big whale to return to her boat. All this is accompanied by music and images created live in front of the audience. A gentle and tender performance, as befits a baby.

* The audience is allowed to enjoy the performance in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, just as they feel. Alternative seating and freedom of movement, the opportunity to leave and return to the theater hall at any time, are given at all times. Leveraging a setting of open doors to the foyer, acceptance of sounds in the audience, dimmed hall lights and no light changes on stage, no fog, no loud noises and an earlier entrance to the theatre hall, we create a welcoming atmosphere for people with disabilities, people on the autism spectrum, with learning difficulties or chronic illnesses.

December 2023


Direction: Elena Sokratous
Stage and Costum Design: Anastasia Argyropoulou
Video / Photos / Grafic Design : Panagiotis Paschalidis
Performers: Despina Laroum Tourlakidou, Stratis Anoudis
Narrator: Niki Lamprianidou
Production assistance: Violeta Lupis


Supported by the Projektfonds Kinder-, Jugend-, und Puppentheater Pankow


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